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What’s Copywriting?

Say you’ve got an amazing product but you can’t find the words to explain just how awesome it is. Copywriters help you craft engaging copy (written material) to help you make people sit up and understand why exactly your product is awesome and why people should be paying you money for it.

These days, copywriting is an essential part of the marketing process, and copywriters work closely with graphic design artists and creative directors to make marketing collateral (such as a poster, infographic or advert) appealing to consumers.


You see billboards on the highway, right? Yeah, sorry, but I don’t do billboard ads.

Instead, my work is published online or in print – and in a subtle way: I write pseudo-articles such as advertorials.

Alas, consumers these days have gotten way smarter and can spot advertorials a mile away – so how can advertisers still catch their attention?

That’s where native advertising comes in. It’s like subtle marketing, but on steroids (how’s that for irony), and seeks to present itself as normal content on a portal, engaging the same audience and giving the same value proposition for readers, except with a call to action.

Types of Copywriting I do

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What’s Editing? 

Editing is to look over a piece of writing, and modifying it to make it sound and read better.

This is done with the aim of ensuring that the information disseminated to others is in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

This can be a rather artistic endeavour; different editors have different styles.

An essential stage before releasing a manuscript, document or article for proofing (see: proofreading).

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What’s Proofreading?

Proofreading (or proofing) is the last and most important stage before a manuscript, document or article goes to print or online. It requires the proofreader to look over an edited piece of writing and ensure that it is error-free. They do this by going through every line and word and making sure that the whole document is grammatically correct, and free from typos and/or misspellings.

The proofreader also ensures that the page formatting is correct and ready for print (e.g. a magazine page in .ai, or a word document attachment).

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Press Relations Services

You’ve got something to share with the media but no PR department? You might want to consider outsourcing it to me. I have a pretty decent network of media professionals (some even on speed dial) and local publications that are always on the look out for interesting news.

I provide the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Press Release writing
  • Local Press Release dissemination
  • Media monitoring

You can get individually tailored services, or a package deal.

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Web Content Services

Everyone has a website these days — but what makes a website stand out? Aside from a really great design, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) matter too.

While I am no expert in either, I know a thing or two about web design, having created a few myself, and I definitely know about writing content across most web platforms that can help you bring out your strengths so your readers are well informed about what you have to offer.

I provide the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Creative direction
  • Website creation & development
  • Content creation & curation
  • Social media curation

Web content packages start from RM 2,000 for basic content creation and website development (not including hosting fees etc).

More complex writing and add-on services such as domain names and hosting are available at extra costs.

Tell me what you want, and let’s meet up for a coffee (on me!) so I can understand your needs better and craft you a customised plan.